On these internet pages of the stone-mason enterprise, Company for stone works, trade and services, POZDER Nekropoling d.o.o./Ltd, you can find information on our rich offer.
The main activities of the company are the production, installation and trade of stone, granite and marble.
In our production we are using the most modern machines for cutting and work in stone; and for all our services we provide installation and assembling.
We are proud with skills of our craftsmen in hand processing of stone.

In our activities, it is our main goal to make our clients satisfied, what we are trying to ensure through the quality of our work and use of materials, with reasonable prices, and with offer of several extremely favorable ways of paying and granting credit, as well as long-term guarantee to all our products and services.


  • Manufacture of tomb stones
  • Manufacture of window benches
  • Manufacture of stairs and floors
  • Manufacture of stone-huts, mosaics, granite cubes
  • Manufacture of kitchen working panels
  • Offer of the bronze programme (letters, vases etc.)
  • Assembly and transportation
  • And all other works in marble and granite